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Why now?

Effective care today means more than a visit to a doctor.

It starts well before the visit with a healthy lifestyle and ends well after the visit with meaningful therapies and ongoing attention.

But while you’re in the doctor’s office, it also requires enormous resources that begin in the recesses of pure science. Before it’s over, it includes continuously fed clinical expertise, experienced physicians, elite nurses, expensive technologies, rigorous safety procedures, evidence-based treatments and warehouses full of supplies.

As all these resources – like health care itself – become more complex and more expensive, many hospitals are partnering with each other. We each wanted to partner with the best.

Health care reform

UCH and Poudre Valley began exploring a closer relationship partly because of the promised changes and challenges of healthcare reform.

It has been evident for the last several years that the dwindling list of independent hospitals would probably not be able to sustain in the marketplace.

It is clear that network, geography, size, scope, market power, cost and quality are the key drivers for health care in the future. This new organization is positioned well for the future.

And while these changes remain largely undefined, it is clear that healthcare organizations across the country will be doing more with less in the future. The advantages of bringing together two organizations that enjoy notable clinical and financial strength in a time of uncertain reform were too great to ignore.

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